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BCHC Youth Education Program

Backcountry Horsemen of California is committed to educating the next generation about the responsibilities and stewardship to assure that our public lands are always available for their use and enjoyment. We encourage families to take part in all the opportunities BCHC offers.

With the newly developed Youth Achievement Program, kids can receive awards for participating in an unlimited number of fun activities and projects throughout the state.

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Help BCHC youth develop self-esteem and the social and leadership skills necessary to become future leaders in BCHC. Get involved and become a Unit Youth Leader or Unit Activity Leader today.

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Youth Program Resources

For more information about BCHC’s Youth Education Program, how to obtain a Youth Card, how to become a Unit Youth Leader or Unit Activity Leader, how youth can qualify for awards, contact BCHC Co-VP of Youth Education 1 or BCHC Co-VP of Youth Education 2.

Custodian of Records

The Custodian of Records (COR) is appointed by the BCHC President for a four-year term. This is a non-voting position on the BCHC Education Fund, Inc. Board. At the end of the term, the BCHC President may extend the appointment.

To qualify for the Custodian of Records position, the appointee must pass required Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI background checks.

Once qualified, the Custodian of Records is responsible for overseeing the confidential application process for fingerprinting and background checks for BCHC members desiring to work with youth at BCHC events. See the BCHC Youth Activities Background Check Policy.

COR responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing members’ background check reports through the Department of Justice (DOJ) secure online portal to determine whether participation requirements are met, as set forth in BCHC Youth Policy #1018-2a 
  • Maintaining security certification with the DOJ
  • Conducting monthly audit of participant membership
  • Notifying DOJ of No Longer Interested (NLI) parties, when applicable
  • Running weekly computer security scan and maintaining security check log
  • Collecting and storing, in secured locked file storage box, Youth Card participants’ Live Scan Application (BICA 8016) forms until no longer active.
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For more information about the Custodian of Records position and duties, contact the BCHC Custodian of Records.