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Who to Contact for Help with BCHC

BCHC Directory of State and Unit Officers (January 2024)

Executive Committee


Committee Chairs


  • If you have a question about BCHC’s third party liability coverage
  • Need to request a certificate of additional insured
  • Would like insurance coverage for your unit-owned trailer and/or equipment
  • Wonder when your unit’s insurance renewal application is due
  • Or have any other insurance-related concerns, contact BCHC 1st Vice President (insurance) or call (559) 202-7261

Jamie Wilson

    Volunteer Service Hours:

  • If you would like more information about BCHC’s Volunteer Service Hours - why and how we report
  • Instruction on completing Volunteer Hours Report forms
  • Reminder of the annual reporting deadline or any other questions, contact BCHC 2nd Vice President (Service/Volunteer Hours Reporting) or call (805) 610-0934

Cindy McMurry

    Meetings, Attendance, Minutes, Other Official Records:

  • If you would like a reminder of your Unit Annual Report deadline
  • Want to report a change in your unit’s State Director(s)
  • Need a Conflict of Interest form to sign and submit
  • Would like to vote by proxy at a State Board Meeting
  • Want information about starting a new BCHC unit, or don’t know where to direct your question, contact BCHC Secretary or call (760) 764-2850

Susie Patton


  • If you have questions about your dues or other unit financial matters, contact your unit treasurer first. (Your unit treasurer might, in turn, need to contact the BCHC Treasurer and will relay the information to you.)
  • You would like information about completing the annual Unit Financial Statement
  • Need answers to questions about raffles or poker rides
  • Or you have general questions about BCHC’s budget and/or financial status, contact BCHC Treasurer or call (661) 747-6347

Lynn Joiner


  • If you need to change your mail/email address, phone number or other contact information
  • Would like to change your type of membership
  • Or are not receiving your BCHC newsletter, notify your unit membership chairperson first. (Your membership chair will contact the BCHC Vice President of Membership to report the information for you.) or call (775) 463-3634

Chip Herzig

    Public Lands/Advocacy:

  • If you need help writing a letter of support (or opposition) to a public agency
  • You are confused about public lands pending legislation
  • Your unit has a local area public lands issue that BCHC might be able to help with, talk to your unit Public Lands Chair or contact the BCHC Vice President of Public Lands or call (760) 764-2850

Troy Patton

    Education, Rendezvous and Grants:

  • If you would like ideas for unit/public education programs
  • Volunteer to work at the State Booth during Rendezvous
  • Have questions about applying for BCHC education grants
  • Or wonder what the annual Officer Training is about, contact the Co-Vice President of Education or call (559) 560-6161. OR contact Co-Vice President of Education or call (559) 877-3532.

Ruthie Heuer

Denise Robinson

    Youth Achievement Program, Youth Card:

  • If you would like to work directly with young people and need to apply for a BCHC Youth Card
  • Would like to become a Unit Leader or Activities Leader
  • Want to help in the Kids Corral at Rendezvous or have other questions about working with BCHC youth contact the Co-Vice President of Youth Education or call (661) 332-2545. OR contact Co-Vice President of Youth Education or call (559) 539-2260

Tammy Bozarth

Gail Inman

    Saw Certification:

  • If you would like to be certified as a Sawyer, either crosscut or chainsaw
  • Or if you are interested in becoming a Saw Instructor, contact BCHC Saw Coordinator or call (951) 760-9255
  • Or you would like to find out when Saw classes will be held

Mike Lewis

    BCHC Newsletter:

  • If you would like to submit an article to BCHC’s quarterly publication
  • Or have an advertisement to place in the paper, contact the BCHC Newsletter Editor or call (209) 988-5831

Carol Jo Hargreaves

Leadership Biographies

Executive Committee:

State Coordinators: