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BCHC Sawyer Certification Program


The BCHC Saw Program was created in 2014 through the hard work of three dedicated BCHC members, Dan Horn, Chip Herzig, and Dan Chartier, and approved/implemented in 2016. The first group of Instructors were trained and certified and served as the basis for training early on. In 2023, the U.S. Forest Service Saw Program underwent a sweeping overhaul and, ultimately, BCHC now uses the Forest Service training and curriculum.


To create a safe and knowledgeable cadre of sawyers and instructors that can assist public agencies like the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National, State, and County Parks in their efforts to keep trails open for stock use.

Who can become a Sawyer?

Any BCHC member 18 years or older for chainsaw and 16 years for crosscut saw

Who can become an Instructor?

Any BCHC member who has the ability and drive to both train and evaluate prospective sawyers

Important Policies and Governing Documents

Saw Program Training Documents

Project and Safety Documents

Saw-Specific Documents

Contact the Saw Program Coordinator for more information.