Backcountry Horsemen of California

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Why Join Backcountry Horsemen of California?

Even if you don’t ride or aren’t an “active” member, your dues contribute to our cause! You’ll be helping pay for work projects, educational materials and training, insurances and you will help support our efforts to keep trails open to equestrians, hikers and more!

As a member you will...

Contact BCHC’s VP of Membership. He will be happy to address any of your questions or concerns concerning membership.

BCHC Membership
1280 State Rte 208
Yerington, NV 89447

Phone: (775) 463-3634

Riders wanted poster. Riders wanted poster.

California Unit Map

All BCHC Units are members of Back Country Horsemen of America.

Map of BCHC units.

Join a unit near you and make a difference!

If there is not a unit in your area and you are interested in starting one, contact the BCHC Secretary for more information.

“A family and youth oriented organization”

Membership Information

Notices & Reminders

1. Send your membership renewals to VP of Membership. DO NOT SEND THEM TO BCHA. Sending to the wrong place will delay payment and cause your membership to show as expired so you cannot participate in unit events.

2. If you are paying for a membership that is not your own, notify the VP of Membership at time of payment. (PayPal does not have an option to attach a message when units or individuals pay for someone else’s membership.)

3. The BCHC Executive Committee no longer sends out membership renewal verification "green slips" via regular mail. Instead, each unit president and membership chair is sent a personal email from the BCHC VP of Membership with each units' data AND the membership data will be posted on the BCHC web page in the password protected section.