Jan 1 - John Gleason from Santa Margarita
Jan 2 - Cory Pereira from Atascadero
Jan 4 - Evan Topal from San Francisco
Jan 6 - Megan Doherty from Tollhouse
Jan 7 - Kim Gardner from Proberta
Jan 9 - Merrill Kagan-Weston from Grass Valley
Jan 11 - Jane Patterson from Vacaville
Jan 13 - Cindy Johnson from Altaville
Jan 14 - Thomas Lee from Turlock
Jan 16 - Juliana Ambrese from San Diego
Jan 18 - Lisa Pearce from Ramona
Jan 20 - Lori Taylor from Palermo
Jan 21 - Jamie Wilson from Porterville
Jan 23 - Carol Vickrey from Minden (NV)
Jan 25 - Walter Reynolds from Susanville
Jan 27 - J C Parkin from Madera
Jan 28 - Lisa Spounnas from Ramona
Jan 30 - Bryce Beatty from Madison (WI)
Jan 31 - Patricia Mensing from Atascadero
Feb 1 - Zach Spounias from Ramona
Feb 2 - C. Vallerga from Lower Lake
Feb 4 - Denise Robinson from North Fork
Feb 6 - Asquith from Twain Harte
Feb 8 - Carol Murphy from Nice
Feb 10 - Janet Miller from Roseburg (OR)
Feb 11 - Sandi Tassen from P V
Feb 13 - Jean Schlosser from Red Bluff
Feb 15 - Charlotte Johnson from Williams
Feb 17 - Roy Burlingame from Cottonwood
Feb 18 - John Jackson from Livermore
Feb 20 - Kenny Danicourt from Jamestown
Feb 20 - Rene Cash from Los Molinos
Feb 24 - Dick Wild from Arcata
Feb 25 - Gail Morgan from Yerington (NV)
Feb 27 - Becky Morris from Los Molinos
Feb 28 - Shasta Rogers from Jamestown
Mar 1 - Brenda Falco from Navato
Mar 3 - Hope Adams from Anza
Mar 4 - John Wagoner from Coarsegold
Mar 6 - Robin Vallentyne from Mammoth Lakes
Mar 8 - Russell Jackson from Livermore
Mar 10 - Susan Wirgler from Shingle Springs
Mar 11 - Joseph Miranda from Rio Del
Mar 13 - Larry Johnson from Los Banos
Mar 15 - Scott Galley from Oakdale
Mar 17 - Jane Trisdale from Igo
Mar 18 - Ernie Warzyca from Merced
Mar 20 - Cathy Schultz from Fortuna
Mar 22 - Ellen Carr from Orland
Mar 24 - Jennifer Beckley from Reedley
Mar 25 - Brian Romero from Atascadero
Mar 27 - Mary Prizznick from Clovis
Mar 29 - Morgan Polasek from Fortuna
Mar 31 - Mitzie Krampert from Las Vegas (NV)

2017 Lucky Calendar Raffle tickets are still available!


2016 Winners

Jan. 1st - Craig Brooks from Turlock
Jan. 2nd - Rebecca Ray from Boyce (LA)
Jan. 4th - Natall Melo from Turlock
Jan. 6th - Anselmo Gonzales from Milpitos
Jan. 8th - Karen Tacket from San Luis Obispo
Jan. 9th - Lisa Backus from Atascadero
Jan. 11th - Santos Reyes from Turlock
Jan. 13th - Lori Sala from Oakdale
Jan. 15th - Henrietta Haazig from Oroville
Jan. 16th - Donna Reeves from Tumtum (WA)
Jan. 18th - Gary A. Cain from Valley Springs
Jan. 20th - Marlene Rold from Oroville
Jan. 22nd - Lynn Dorn from Eureka
Jan. 23rd - Alan Fry from Sanger
Jan. 25th - Gus Beatty from Porterville
Jan. 27th - Dennis Quash from Dos Palos
Jan. 29th - Sandy Parks from Cambridge (MD)
Jan. 30th - Gretel Tiscornia from Angels Camp
Jan/ 31st - Tom Celio from Meyers
Feb. 1st - Glenn McKinnon from Montague
Feb. 3rd - Donna Griffin from Montague
Feb. 5th - Natalie Newton from Yreka
Feb. 8th - Marilyn Smith from Yreka
Feb. 10th - Ken McCall from Modesto
Feb. 12th - Barbara Dunwoody from Yreka
Feb. 13th - Nathan Hartle from Eastvale
Feb. 15th - Russ Rantz from Bishop
Feb. 17th - Brett Lawatch from Meridian (ID)
Feb. 19th - Cole Morales from Modesto
Feb. 20th - Chris Danicourt from Jamestown
Feb. 22nd - John Black from Modesto
Feb. 24th - Julia Heller from Modesto
Feb. 26th - Mark Franco from Hollister
Feb. 27th - Gloria Ashorn from Vallejo
Feb. 29th - Cheryl McGray from Santa Maria
Mar. 2nd - Jamie Fish from Loomis
Mar. 4th - Beth Collins from Redondo Beach
Mar. 5th - Tony Grjalva from Paso Robles
Mar. 7th - Jody Zandstra from LakeCity
Mar. 9th - Skip Dyke from Arroyo Grande
Mar. 11th - Jody Rumsey from Sonora
Mar. 12th - Liza Servin from Merced
Mar. 14th - Clark Beeker
Mar. 16th - Daniel Tolkan from Pauma Valley
Mar. 18th - Mort Scott from McKinleyville
Mar. 19th - Cara Petersen from Visalia
Mar. 21st - Dixie Rowell from Fort Knox (KY)
Mar. 23rd - Terri Nelson from Cotton
Mar. 25th - Peggy Whitaker from Bakersfield
Mar. 26th - Keri Bruns from Camarillo
Mar. 28th - Bob Peabody from Willits
Mar. 30th - Michael Trice from Porterville
Mar. 31st - Bob Oates from Springville
Apr. 1st - Connie McKay from Priest River (ID)
Apr. 2nd - Vicki Graham from Eureka
Apr. 4th - Dwayne Severn from San Diego
Apr. 6th - Lee Owning from Valley Springs
Apr. 8th - Cathy Miller from Ahuahnee
Apr. 9th - Neva Yardorough from Elk Grove
Apr. 11th - Vicki Kidrtz from Willow Creek
Apr. 13th - Rea Haaziq from Oroville
Apr. 15th - Dawn Pierette from Fresno
Apr. 16th - Bill Sherwood from Yuba City
Apr. 18th - Connie Arney from Foresthill
Apr. 20th - Sara Cronin from Concord
Apr. 22nd - Lisa Robinson from Ukiah
Apr. 23rd - Nancy Chaides from Paso Robles
Apr. 25th - Holly Martinez from Palm Desert
Apr. 27th - Fred Blesse from Clovis
Apr. 29th - Bill Moser from Orange
Apr. 30th - Kerri Graham from Temecula
May 2nd - Craig Brooks from Turlock
May 4th - Mitzie Krampert from Las Vegas (NV)
May 6th - Maggie Glover from Port Orchard (WA)
May 7th - Kathy Madsen from Hidden Valley Lake
May 9th - Kaye Bruns from Atascadero
May 11th - Casey Jo Billings from Orland
May 13th - Natalie Newton from Yreka
May 14th - Shauna Wilson from Yreka
May 16th - Beverly Westman from Arcata
May 18th - Lynn Joiner from Bakersfield
May 20th - Larry Quarry from Bakersfield
May 21st - Denise Zavat from Vacaville
May 23rd - Kathy Goodrich from Sacramento
May 25th - Tonia Aliz from Sacramento
May 27th - Natall Melo from Turlock
May 28th - Connie McKay from Priest River (ID)
May 30th - Fred Blesse from Clovis
May 31st - Sue Flagg from Knightson
Jun. 1st - David Reeves from Mendota
Jun. 3rd - Lynn Borba from Merced
Jun. 4th - John Mata from Merced
Jun. 6th - Natall Melo from Turlock
Jun. 8th - Norman L. Hill from Dillon (MT)
Jun. 10th - Linda Hamilton from Atascadero
Jun. 11th - Steve Southerland from Lawton (OK)
Jun. 13th - Candy Scarratl from Redding, CA 96002 $50
Jun. 15th - Catie Mueller from Fresno
Jun. 17th - James Griffith from Palo Cedro
Jun. 18th - Hortencia Cueves from Hilmar
Jun. 20th - Phyllis Mattox from Ceres
Jun. 22nd - Shirley Lovell from Sacramento
Jun. 24th - Sandra Finwick from Oroville
Jun. 25th - Craig Brooks from Turlock
Jun. 27th - Ruby Thurston from Eureka
Jun. 29th - Craig Dean from Fortuna
Jun. 30th - Big Horn from El Dorado
Jul. 1st - Heidi McCourt from Janesville
Jul. 2nd - Carol Hedges from Caliente
Jul. 4th - Gene Gates from Willow Creek
Jul. 6th - Julie Meyers from Spring Valley
Jul. 8th - Linda Sadler from Coarsegold
Jul. 9th - Tom Celio from Meyers
Jul. 11th - Gordon Fidler from Palm Desert
Jul. 13th - Heather Watson from Willits
Jul. 15th - Denise Firpo from Clovis
Jul. 16th - Koni Nugent from Modesto
Jul. 18th - Debbie Van Horn from Oakland
Jul. 20th - Rachel Greenbuch from Arroyo Grande
Jul. 22nd - Jared Wilson from Rio Dell
Jul. 23rd - Mark Anlem from Hilmar
Jul. 25th - Laurie Waller from Arroyo Grande
Jul. 27th - Robin Chartier from Cottonwood
Jul. 29th - Daniel DiDio from Oakdale
Jul. 30th - Jan Hibbitts from Palo Alto
Jul. 31st - Phil Lomonaco from Springville
Aug. 1st - Michael Bartholomew from Turlock
Aug. 3rd - Michelle Smith from Mineral
Aug. 5th - Jenn Wheeler from Modesto
Aug. 6th - Jean Weir from Milford
Aug. 8th - Bob Gilmore from El Dorado
Aug. 10th - Paul Archer from Orland
Aug. 12th - Chris Danicourt from Jamestown
Aug. 13th - Cindy Giacomini from Rio Dell
Aug. 15th - Anselmo Gonzalez from Milpitas
Aug. 17th - Robin May from Sonora
Aug. 19th - Stan Yates from Ventura
Aug. 20th - Kaye E. Bruns from Atascadero
Aug. 22nd - Sandy Brinley - from Oakhurst
Aug. 24th - Casey Jo Billings from Orland
Aug. 26th - DeClerck Enter. from Yreka
Aug. 27th - Randy Hackbarth from Placerville
Aug. 29th - Kim Parson from Ceres
Aug. 31st - John Marshall from Modesto
Sept. 2nd - Vivian Booma from Newcastle
Sept. 3rd - Shirley Sherwood from Oroville
Sept. 5th - Jan Walker from Porterville
Sept. 7th - Matt Mello from Exeter
Sept. 9th - Bud Mayfield from Porterville
Sept. 10th - Gau VerSteeg from Porterville
Sept. 12th - Zach Rehder from Sonora
Sept. 14th - Valerie Williams from Watford City (ND)
Sept. 16th - Lynn Bennett from Calistoga
Sept. 17th - Paul Herzig from Colton
Sept. 19th - Ken Knabke from Santa Barbara
Sept. 21st - Cori Hayth from Oakhurst
Sept. 23rd - Laura Kathy Goodrich from Sacramento
Sept. 24th - Katherine DeYoung from Igo
Sept. 26th - Misty Giddkin from Escalon
Sept. 28th - Peggy Christensen from El Dorado Hills
Sept. 30th - Brian Lawatch from Grants Pass (OR)
Oct. 1st - Sandy Brinley from Oakhurst
Oct. 3rd - Casey Jo Billings from Orland
Oct. 5th - Fred Blesse from Clovis
Oct. 7th - Brenda Cowart from Manteca
Oct. 8th - Lucy Badenhoop from North Highlands
Oct. 10th - Jackie Olson from Hemet
Oct. 12th - Elaine Mello from Exeter
Oct. 14th - Chris Comeau from Caliente
Oct. 15th - Dave Jordan from Turlock
Oct. 17th - Julia Heller from Modesto
Oct. 19th - Michelle Bridgeman from Lincoln
Oct. 21st - Stan Porhola from Arroyo Grande
Oct. 22nd - Leigh Shambo from Bishop
Oct. 24th - Cathy Schulz from Fortuna
Oct. 26th - Charlotte Johnson from Williams
Oct. 28th - Sheila Geivet from Redding
Oct. 29th - Julia Heller from Modesto
Oct. 31st - DeClerck Ent from Yreka
Nov. 2nd - Curt Askeg from Chico
Nov. 4th - Pat Gibbs from Loomis
Nov. 5th - Connie McKay from Priest River (ID)
Nov. 7th - Kylie Gardner from Visalia
Nov. 9th - Kim Coelho from Turlock, CA 95380 $50
Nov. 11th - Liz Ault from Palo Cedro
Nov. 12th - Jody Rumsey from Sonora
Nov. 14th - Shari D. Anderson from Fortuna
Nov. 16th - Anne York from Aguanga
Nov. 18th - Shauna Wilson from Yreka
Nov. 19th - Beth Collins from Redondo Beach
Nov. 21st - Dave Schnake from Reno (NV)
Nov. 23rd - Thad Chodakauskas from Norco
Nov. 25th - Penny Osburn from Paso Robles
Nov. 26th - Linda Belli from Valley Springs
Nov. 28th - Lucy Grubbs from SSF
Nov. 30th - Vicki Morales from Modesto
Dec. 2nd - Karen Barindell from Modesto
Dec. 3rd - Gerald Heitzler from Shingle Springs
Dec. 5th - Matt Knabke from Santa Barbara
Dec. 7th - Bill Knabke from Winters
Dec. 9th - Mary Enn from Colfax
Dec. 10th - Dan Mini from Vallejo
Dec. 12th - Tony Grjalva from Paso Robles
Dec. 14th - Gordon Fidler from Palm Desert
Dec. 16th - Curtis Harms from Bakersfield
Dec. 17th - Josh Chodakauskas from Riverside
Dec. 19th - Julie Heller from Modesto
Dec. 21st - Jesse Vasquez from Paso Robles
Dec. 23rd - Glenda Hijar from Descanso
Dec. 24th - Claudia Ball from Rescue
Dec. 26th - Ingrid Holloway from Escandido
Dec. 28th - Dennis Serpa from Oakdale
Dec. 30th - Jamie Wilson from Porterville
Dec. 31st - Andrew Hargreaves from Surprise (AZ)


2015 Winners

Jan. 1st - Dan Clifford from San Diego
Jan. 2nd - Hugh Richards from Santa Maria
Jan. 3rd - Barbara Brown from Selma
Jan. 5th - Matt Knabke from Santa Barbara
Jan. 7th - Diane Greenlee from Willits
Jan. 9th - Kelly Cronian from Bakersfield
Jan. 10th - Shawn Patton from Lone Pine
Jan. 12th - Carole Ellis from New Pine Creek (OR)
Jan. 14th - Barbara Schuyler from Vacaville
Jan. 16th - Jessica Beverly from Lexington (KY)
Jan. 17th - Bobby Moser from Denair
Jan. 19th - Kristen Leventon from Weed
Jan. 21st - Robert Lammers from Redding
Jan. 23rd - Taylor Baer from Sacramento
Jan. 24th - Scott Schuyler from Klamath Falls (OR)
Jan. 26th - Walter Risch from Alta Loma
Jan. 28th - Randy Nickel from Moreno Valley
Jan. 30th - Jerry Stone from Palmdale
Jan. 31st - Connie Neal from Butte Valley
Feb. 2nd - Roy & Karen Graves from Igo
Feb. 4th - Sweet Water Leather, Escalon
Feb. 6th - Tony Frey from Willits
Feb. 7th - Sharon Mendes from Turlock
Feb. 9th - Brenda Fischer from Chula Vista
Feb. 11th - Josh Beaulieu from Bakersfield
Feb. 13th - Jody Davis from Norco
Feb. 14th - Rochelle Duma from Visalia
Feb. 16th - Ed Matthews from Yreka
Feb. 18th - Lucy Badenhoop from North Highlands
Feb. 20th - Katie Terry from Fortuna
Feb. 21st - Valeri Sexton from Temecula
Feb. 23rd - Del Logging Inc. from Bieber
Feb. 25th - Charles Williams from Quincy
Feb. 27th - Todd Peterson from Etna
Feb. 28th - Randy Honnold from Ukiah
Mar. 2nd - Marci Jourdan from Red Bluff
Mar. 4th - Jennifer Hinajosa from Winchester
Mar. 6th - Anna Dotson from Scotia
Mar. 7th - Karen Wells from Pearblosson
Mar. 9th - Theresa Burrows from Anderson
Mar. 11th - Marilyn Smith from Yreka
Mar. 13th - Marilyn Hicks from Sonora
Mar. 14th - Georgia Previtera from Atascadero
Mar. 16th - Jacob Meeuwse from Ripon
Mar. 18th - Chris Rector from Modesto
Mar. 20th - San Diego Unit from El Cajon
Mar. 21st - Medlay Kelley from Napa
Mar. 23rd - Kathy Zumbrunn from Turlock
Mar. 25th - Lisa Phelan from Hayward
Mar. 27th - Norma Hall from Bonva
Mar. 28th - Rachel Radell from Roseville
Mar. 30th - Diane Kellebrew from Paso Robles
Mar. 31st - Wilbur Brown from Porterville
Apr. 1st - Bob Hamill from Snelling
Apr. 2nd - Tracey DeJong from Genoa (NV)
Apr. 4th - Charles Ayala from Los Alamos
Apr. 6th - Linda Hansen from Clovis
Apr. 8th - Dan Prine from Delhi
Apr. 10th - Laurie Humphrey from Chula Vista
Apr. 11th - Richard Spangle from Tollhouse
Apr. 13th - Uri Driscill from Arcata
Apr. 15th - Bobby Temnant from San Diego
Apr. 17th - Suzanna Williams from Coarsegold
Apr. 18th - Frank Pedraza from Glendora
Apr. 20th - Sadie Rowland from Orange Vale
Apr. 22st - Pamela Sue Hartley from Paradise
Apr. 24th - Wm. H Sporleder from Templeton
Apr. 25th - Scott Parsons from Frazier Park
Apr. 27th - Kim Gardner from Proberta
Apr. 29th - Gayle Leland from Durham
Apr. 30th - Vickie Rausch from Leona Valley
May 1st - Michelle Bartholomew from Turlock
May 2nd - LeNeya Ross from Atascadero
May 4th - Russell Beverly from Lexington (KY)
May 6th - Laurie Waller from Arroyo Grande
May 8th - Dena Reeves from Springdale
May 9th - Connie Killen from Norco
May 11th - Larry Arkfeld from Yreka
May 13th - Rich Demers from Quartz Hill
May 15th - Marlene Jacobus from Templeton
May 16th - Sharon Dall from Borvego Springs
May 18th - Debra Warnick from Orange
May 20th - Jan Kunzler from Ukiah
May 22nd - Janene Gilder from Orangevale
May 23rd - Gail Morgan from Yerington (NV)
May 25th - Tracy Webster from Sonora
May 27th - Steve Smith from Manhattan Beach
May 29th - Vicky Mahoney from Templeton
May 30th - Wendy Baldwin from Fresno
May 31st - Dakota Williams from Watford City (ND)
June 1st - Karen Jarvis from Bakersfield
June 3rd - Sal Jaurequi from Hilmar
June 5th - Ray Sizer from Chico
June 6th - Kellie Benton from Galt
June 8th - Michael L Peterson from Visalia
June 10th - Errol Rohrberg from Paso Robles
June 12th - Jeani Buchanan from San Diego
June 13th - Laura Bann from Scotts Valley
June 15th - Bill LeClair from Santa Rosa
June 17th - Tenaya Glynn from Palmdale
June 19th - Jared Wilson from Rio Dell
June 20th - August Aalto from Trinidad
June 22nd - Mazid Qureshi from Concord
June 24th - Charlene Ackerman from San Miguel
June 26th - Corky Layne from Oroville
June 27th - Barbara L Brown from Selma
June 29th - Sequoia Unit from Springville
June 30th - Krista Whitlow from Litchfield
July 1st - Harold Wesley from Big Oak Flat
July 3rd - Denise Felbur from Tuolumne
July 4th - Eric Herzig from Phoenix
July 6th - Toni Ostrander from Oroville
July 8th - Laura Maraable from Paso Robles
July 10th - Selina Galick from Santa Rosa
July 11th - Melody Fountain from Santa Margarita
July 13th - Nathan Hartle from Moreno Valley
July 15th - Iris Anderson from Hilmar
July 17th - Chet Joiner from Bakersfield
July 18th - Alex Schmidt from Manteca
July 20th - LaRae L. Sizer from Chico
July 22nd - Sequoia Unit from Springville
July 24th - Eileen Cox from Port Orchard
July 25th - Gina from Shelbyville (IN)
July 27th - Midge Swickard from Susanville
July 29th - Don Bone from Ukiah
July 31st - Darla Coelho from Modesto
Aug. 1st - Clover Johnson from Porterville
Aug. 3rd - Christi & Eric Oates from Exeter
Aug. 5th - Ernie Villanueva from American Canyon
Aug. 7th - Sharon Power from Catheys Valley
Aug. 8th - Dan Silveira from Greenfield
Aug. 10th - Linda Spaletta from Corning
Aug. 12th - Roberta Carr from Poway
Aug. 14th - Denise Zavat from Vacaville
Aug. 15th - Marla Westlake from Colfax
Aug. 17th - Melissa Mutzner from Columbia
Aug. 19th - Steve DeClerck from Yreka
Aug. 21st - Corky Layne from Oroville
Aug. 22nd - Marty Polasek from Fortuna
Aug. 24th - Shelby Bender from Sausalito
Aug. 26th - Douglas Langford from Yreka
Aug. 28th - Dean Sbragia from Fallbrook
Aug. 29th - Danielle Pallotta from Kalispell (MT)
Aug. 31st - Bill Tuller from Jamestown
Sept. 2nd - Mary Jane Williamson from Blue Jay
Sept. 4th - Marion Davis from Bishop
Sept. 5th - Melisa Brown from Santa Rose
Sept. 7th - Maris Hawkins from McKinleyville
Sept. 9th - Sue Flagg from Knightsen
Sept. 11th - Judy Rue from Hornbrooke
Sept. 12th - Cheryl Wallace from Hickman
Sept. 14th - Janine Smith from Twain Harte
Sept. 16th - Juergen Kopf from Hemet
Sept. 18th - Carol Vickrey from Minden (NV)
Sept. 19th - Kylie Yocky from Visalia
Sept. 21st - Bella Odell from Fresno
Sept. 23rd - Diane Hanson from Paicines
Sept. 25th - Thomas Frasca from Redding
Sept. 26th - Art Mirasol from Redlands
Sept. 28th - Linda Ellison from Yreka
Sept. 30th - Michael King from Turlock
Oct. 2nd - Martin Vernon from Woodland Hills
Oct. 3rd - Gary Kleaver from Montague
Oct. 5th - Ken Frankovich from Cottonwood
Oct. 7th - Cary Cooper from Paso Robles
Oct. 9th - Carol Dennie from Poway
Oct. 10th - Jamie Tanner from Santa Maria
Oct. 12th - Dr. Heather McGray from Santa Maria
Oct. 14th - Jane Sinclar from Red Bluff
Oct. 16th - Linda Polasek from Sebastopol
Oct. 17th - Gail Harmelin from Sandpoint
Oct. 19th - Susan Wardrip from Arcata
Oct. 21st - Eugene Terry from Fortuna
Oct. 23rd - Jeanne Jenkins from La Grange
Oct. 24th - Jessica Durand from Porterville
Oct. 26th - Jan Huffstutler from Mammoth Lakes
Oct. 28th - Douglas Langford from Yreka
Oct. 30th - Dean Sbragia from Fallbrook
Oct. 31st - Janet Oats from Willow (AR)
Nov. 2nd - Shaylee Murphy from Susanville
Nov. 4th - Peggy Shore from Lodi
Nov. 6th - Marilyn Smith from Yreka
Nov. 7th - Tammy Wilchwood from Etna
Nov. 9th - Gloria Ashorn from Valiejo
Nov. 11th - Sweet Water Leather from Escalon
Nov. 13th - Linda Evans from Madera
Nov. 14th - Marsha Kulyn from Redding
Nov. 16th - Bill Moser from Orange
Nov. 18th - Dwayne Green from Murrieta
Nov. 20th - Larry Ordway from Bakersfield
Nov. 21st - Gail Van Velzer from Alta Loma
Nov. 23rd - Loren Jochum from Fair Oaks
Nov. 25th - Stephanie Bianco from Cottonwood
Nov. 27th - Sonia Scott from Silver Springs (NV)
Nov. 28th - Katrinia Trask from Standish
Nov. 30th - Karen Barindelli from Modesto
Dec. 2nd - Wayne Joiner from Bakersfield
Dec. 4th - Joanne Jenkins from La Grange
Dec. 5th - Jessica DuRand from Porterville
Dec. 7th - Wally King from Tulare
Dec. 9th - Connie Killen from Norco
Dec. 11th - Warner Norleen from Modesto
Dec. 12th - Joe Whisler from Glenden Beach (OR)
Dec. 14th - Susan Wardrip from Arcata
Dec. 16th - Eugene Terry from Fortuna
Dec. 18th - Bernita Garcia from Hanford
Dec. 19th - John Phillips from Crescent City
Dec. 21st - Connie Hooten from Loomis
Dec. 23rd - Tammy Dodson from Madera
Dec. 25th - Stacy Barnes from Santa Rosa
Dec. 26th - Crystal Dalton from Carlotta
Dec. 28th - Chase Williams from Elverta
Dec. 30th - Mike Lamansk from Fullerton
Dec. 31st - Teresa Claborn from Clovis

Updated: March 30, 2017

2017 BCHC Lucky Calendars

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Your 2017 Lucky Calendar Raffle ticket enters you into:
215 drawings for amounts ranging from $50 to $3000 in 2017.

1 - $1,000 drawing
11 - $200 drawings
49 - $100 drawings
152 - $50 drawings
1 - $3000 drawing.

That's right, if you win, your ticket gets put back in the hopper. You're entered in every one of those drawings!
Plus, you get a nice BCHC calendar to keep track of the drawing dates.

Lucky Calendar Raffle tickets are $25 per ticket.
If you would like to purchase a 2017 Lucky Calendar
Raffle ticket,please contact your local unit.

Lucky Calendar Raffle winners will be
announced at the end of each month.

Units please direct any questions to Lynn Joiner!
Lynn Joiner

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